I’m glad you started reading this section. WIIFY stands for “What’s in it for you” and delivers all the necessary information that will be helpful in convincing you to get in touch and talk about integrating your communication and growing your business to get most out of  integrating digital and traditional media today.

What is my job objective?


Well… there’s only one and it is rather simple – get you to earn more money! We can talk for hours and days about marketing, communication, models and best cases but it all comes down to money. This duplex money model describes it best. 


  1. After the market and agency digital audit supported with additional consulting you will be spending less money on advertising as we will reduce the unnecessary media cost.

  2. The remaining money will be used more effectively with increased digital capabilities in the organization and better understanding of paid, owned and earned media and the new consumer purchase journey.


So both ways will get you significant funds for marketing investments. This approach also gives you more room for making the project feasible and actionable within the company as it delivers strong structure to the CFO and procurement.




Why do I do it?


That’s a great question to ask. All my work is passion driven and my dream is to just make

the marketing and communication better. How do I define better?





Sailing on the blue ocean


Wouldn’t you love to work the job where there is no real competition and your business growth is almost solely dependent on the effort you put into it? Welcome to my world! Being an extremely useful resource for both clients and agencies and delivering the work that re-empowers their core efforts there is no real threat to what I do and my position is really unrivalled. Now that is what I call a sweet spot.


On top of that in many cases working with me is the only reasonable option available on the market. If you are on the client side there is no better way to boost your digital knowledge in the shortest time possible or to audit independently what your agency or media house is delivering. On the other hand if you run the agency business there is no other way to get the in depth digital knowledge. At least I haven’t found one as your competitors will not be keen to share their wisdom.


One way or the other it will be fun & pleasure to share with you all my digital experience from both sides of the business – client & agency.




How do I work?


There are several ways we can cooperate. They range from single project to long term strategy development, some are very personal done on 1 to 1 basis like Top management digital mastery and some llike trainings and workshops work best on larger groups. I have done them all and will be happy to share the benefits of each one with you. Just choose the option that best fits your needs.




Trainings, workshops and public speaking

Full service cooperation

Personal branding

Top management digital mastery


Sample materials

Please also visit the Basics section where I have put all fundamental materials and models that I work on. You will find there a wide and inspiring rage of pdfs, Prezis, videos, white papers and source materials.


It is the best next step to go for and I have made them available to download, so make sure you check them out.


Dream team

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"

                                                                                                         Michael Jordan


Depending on the project scope I have a full range of specialist and freelancers available on demand. No matter what the issue is - there is always someone available to solve it with me. PR, big data, creative, design, barnding, research, modelling, mobile, media buying - we have done them all